Advanced Liberty RPA Studio Tricks

Down below some tricks for the more advanced Liberty RPA Studio user that might improve your workflow:

  • You can go back in time at any point by pressing ‘Ctrl + Z’
  • Right-clicking on blocks and connectors reveals new actions:
    • Right-clicking on a connector allows you to quickly delete a connecting arrow
    • Right-clicking an activity allows you to quickly delete the activiy or go to it’s properties menu
    • Right-clicking an activity and choose ‘run from here’ in the submenu to only run the Flow starting from this point. This can be useful when you have a long Flow and you want to quickly test or debug part of your Flow.
    • Duplicate allows you to quickly duplicate an activity without having to look for it in the search panel
  • Hold ‘ctrl’ when selecting multiple activities, this allows you to multi-select activities and connectors, so you can easily move them around or quickly delete large parts of your Flow
  • When optimizing your Flow for speed, a good tip is to use a variable in your ‘wait’ activities instead of a hardcode time in seconds. This allows you to quickly in- or decrease waiting time so you can quickly find the right pace for the entire Flow

Good luck automating!