Agent Adherence report and Busy codes


When running the Agent Adherence report, Converse looks to take all busy codes into account. Some of our busy codes are Training, Team meeting etc and as such, the agents are on the busy codes and their team leaders request. The issue with this is that it looks to reduce the agents adherence score. Is there a way to mark which busy codes do or don’t get taken into account?

Many thanks

Jon C

Hi Jon,

There are some additional WFM settings that include the ability for you define “Working Busy Codes”. These are designed for situations where an agent is marked as on a busy code but you want them to be to considered as working to measure adherence and conformance. There is some further guidance on this page on the community -


Morning and thanks so much John. This is exactly what i needed. Much appreciated.


Hi Jon,

This will be because of a mismatch between your Working/Non-Working busy codes and the Agents’ schedules. Basically, periods like Team Meetings, Training, 1-2-1s etc. should be planned in and reflected in the Agents’ schedules. Working time for the purposes of Adherence is dealing with Interactions or admin-related activity directly related (and tied) to them. For example, if you had a Busy code of “Extended Wrap” or “Update Customer Record” (to be used by the Agent immediately after the interaction before they then become ready for the next Interaction) then these should be set as Working Busy Codes. But ones where they positively are not dealing with Interactions for a set period should be Non-Working Busy Codes. If an Agent has a planned Non-Working Busy code, say “Training” in their schedule, when they go into that code at the correct time their Adherence stats will not be penalised. But if they go into it when they are not supposed to be in Training, their stats will be affected. I hope this makes sense. Feel free to contact me if you would like a wider discussion.

Steve Rayner

Hi Steve

Between yourself and John, this solves my issue. Thanks so much for your time responding. It is very much appreciated.