Agent Audit Login Time

Hi, I’m looking for a way to see what time my agents logged in to LC, by day per day and/or by day per week.
I’ve found a report that tells me the total time they were logged in, but I need the actual times that they logged into and out of the system. With agents working remotely it is important to have at the very least the time of the initial login for a given day. in addition to the duration.
This information is obviously logged somewhere as it is displayed as a graphic on the agent overview when you click on an agent’s name, but only for today and only for that agent.
I need to present it as a report for each agent.
This seems like a fundamental metric for measuring agent performance but I can’t find it anywhere.
Am I missing something?
Thanks for your attention

Hi @mattw, you can view the Login/Out time using the Agent Audit Log Report, but you would need to filter this information. Thankfully we have an eLearning course available that walks you through how to do just this using Excel and provides you with a template here: Liberty Converse: Contact Centre Reports - How to view agent Login/out times.

If you wanted, you could also connect MS Power BI to your reports to create bespoke reporting information and analytics. We have an eLearning course on how to set up the connection with MS Power BI here: Liberty Converse: Contact Centre - Report API (Connecting to Microsoft Power BI).

Another option would be to look at the Shifts and Rotas with Adherence module for Contact Centre (please speak to your account manager) for more information about this.

I hope one of these options helps. Let us know if you need anything further.

Thanks for the swift reply, Jonathan.
Had a weird few minutes with the Excel file showing odd results but re-downloaded and it works now.
I will look into PowerBi too.
Thanks again.


No problem, hopefully it proves useful.