Agent Desktop roll out using SCCM

I am working with a Council who are struggling to roll out the agent desk top solution using SCCM. Are there other organisations who have done this who would be wiling to share their experiences?

HI Esther, what issue are you having when trying to roll out the Agent Desktop Application? We have some information in the Documents portal here:

Centralised rollout of Agent Desktop

Alternatively, the MSI can be rolled out centrally via a user logon script. When deploying the MSI installer, you can specify where to install it on the command line. For example:

msiexec /I “Netcall ContactCentre Web Agent.msi” INSTALLDIR=c:\agent

If you do not specify the target directory, the application will be installed to the default location. There should be no reason to change the default location of Web Agent. If you do change this location then you must ensure that the user logs into Windows with an account that has permissions to write to this folder. Otherwise, Web Agent will not save its user settings or update itself.

It is not possible to configure the server name during installation directly though the MSI. If configuration of the server name is required, then it is possible to copy a version of the settings file in to the application’s installation folder. The contents of the file look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>;
 <setting name="serverName">libertyserver</setting>

How Agent Desktop determines the server name

Agent Desktop stores its server name configuration in a file, WebAgent.settings , that lives in the same folder as the application itself. If not found, the user will need to manually enter the server name before they can proceed.

How to remotely change the server name after installation

To remotely change the server name, update WebAgent.settings file in the installation folder.

If updating the server name via a login script, bear in mind that user preferences are also stored in this settings file and may be overwritten.

How to check the current Web Agent version

The current installed version can be checked by selecting settings from the menu in the top left corner

The version is displayed, as seen below

Let us know if you need any further assistance.



Hi Esther,

Were you able to roll out the web agent desktop application using SCCM successfully? I’m struggling to roll out web agent desktop using SCCM.

Appreciate of you have any advise or suggestions to share.