Agent Eval, Scorecard Heatmap Report % query

Hello, we have designed evaluations for several services with some of the questions having the N/A option as occasionally its not needed and our evaluators need this to by pass the question. When running the Evaluation Scorecard Heatmap report, it is counting all N/A answers as 0% and therefore not giving us a true reading of the overall scores %. Is there not a way that all N/A answers can be nulled? An example we looked at is where we have 2 separate evaluations, 1 “exceeded” on a specific question which returned a 100% score and the other one was N/A on the same question but meant the overall score for that question was 50% which I would expect to be 100% instead. Please help :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hi @davearmshaw this sounds like a bug to me. Could you pop an email to who can raise this for you.

Many thanks


Hi Jonathan, will do thanks :slight_smile: