Alerting to Unstaffed Contact Centre

We have a 24/7 contact centre in which a lot of the overnight work doesn’t go through Liberty, but police airwaves and other applications, our internal calls all happen through MS teams, as does our dialling out.

We’re finding that the system is logging out agents during this overnight period, leaving the contact centre unstaffed, and due to it being quiet and many programs running over the top, this can go unnoticed for a few hours.

I tried to get round this by setting up an alert that sent an email to the supervisor when the contact centre ‘logged in’ agents were ‘0’, however it started to email us whenever agents used MS teams either incoming or outgoing.

Can anyone suggest why it’s counting the ‘busy’ agents as logged out (i specifically selected ‘logged in’ as criteria and not ‘available’ to combat this.

Or can anyone suggest any other way of creating an alert to an email address or phone, or a noise, or some other clear alert when all agents have been logged out, not just busy.

We’ve found that agents that use the browser version of the desktop get logged out without them knowing. After some investigation, we found that it was due to some Sleep settings on the Microsoft Edge browser - because the page had been unused for a certain period, it put the page in to sleep mode and this logged staff out of Netcall. To get around this, you can make the Netcall address exempt from Sleep settings. If you use MS Edge, just go on to the Settings menu in Edge, search for Sleep settings and enter the Netcall browser address into the exemptions.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for this response, all of our agents have been advised to use the app instead of the browser for this reason. I might get them to change their settings anyway, just in case.