An easy one I hope

Hi all,

Having trouble with an easy one, I think.

I am working on a case management system.

I have twenty departments and want a “my page” that filters by department based on logged in user.

I’m trying to set up a list on a page that only shows jobs for the logged in user, based on their department.

So, one list, one page but filters the list based on department and user.

I have tried a few things but could so with a spark as I’m sure I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance


Assuming you have a data model something like this:

User >-- Department --< Jobs

Then you just need to set your page’s base object to be Logged in User. Then in the page builder panel select the relation path from the base object to Department and then Jobs, before dragging in the List widget.

That will then only show the Jobs down that path from the current user.

Brill, I’ll give that i go, think i might have my Department to jobs wrong way round :stuck_out_tongue: