Announcement of high volume of calls queuing

How do I get an announcement to play stating there is a high volume of calls queuing when there are more than 10 calls queuing

Hi @robertw2. when the caller is in the Queue, you can use the Play Queue Position to alert them of their position, but this would not alter the comfort prompt. You could enable QueueBuster to offer the caller the option of a CallBack if there is a high number of calls waiting, or a slightly more advanced option would be within your Dialogue (so before they get to the Queue) to look at using a Query Block to check the Queue status and then advising the caller of the number in the queue and offering options.

So there are a few options available, could you expand on what you’d like happen to the caller if there was a high number of callers in the queue?

Then I could recommend the most suitable option and advise from there.

Many Thanks

Jonathan Redsell

I’d certainly recommend using the CallBack facility - we use it for exactly this purpose. In addition to keeping customers informed, it’s also a great customer experience and something that we’ve had very good customer feedback about.

Rather than waiting in a queue for x minutes, the customer can request a callback, it keeps their position in the queue and they can hang up. We then call them back when there is availability. You can configure it per queue and with different thresholds (i.e. if there are more than x calls queuing, or calls have been queuing for more than x minutes). A very good feature that also helps manage your service levels, queuing times and abandoned rates during busy periods but more importantly, keeps customers happy!

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thank you both for the replies I have enabled the queue buster and there are now no calls queuing it is working well