Anybody used the adaptor - Civica OpenPortal Connector

Hello there

I noticed the adaptor for Civica OpenPortal and wondered if anybody out there has used it.

Before I start promoting it around the authority I just wondered if anybody would be prepared to share their experience of using it. I’m thinking as much about the Civica side as anything, were there cost implications with Civica or was a lot of Civica support required.

Finally, would I be right in saying this would allow a single sign on for customers to their Council Tax information through the Liberty Create Portal?


Morning Cathy,

I originally authored the connector which in simple terms is just an API to retrieve a session token for a customer based on some identifying information.

It is well documented, you can download the how to guide from the documentation link on AppShare.
The only details needed are the API username and password and the url for the portal assuming you already have the portal set up.

I don’t have any information regarding costings but I’ll see if I can find you a contact who may know.

p.s. Charlie says hi!

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