App in a Week Kick-off workshop

Calling all Environmental Health Inspectors and their digital teams

You’re invited to take part in our App in a Week Kick-off workshop

After a technical meeting on Tuesday, our team is pleased to confirm that we have a “build candidate” for next week.

Helping high street hospitality

Lockdown has hit our hospitality businesses hard. While there is mixed news about how they will reopen, keeping diners and staff safe will remain a priority for Local Authorities.

The team has chosen to build Environmental Health Inspections as a CHF module. This module will provide any council with the ability to schedule inspections, confirm progress and schedule a follow-up inspection. It will also allow a hospitality business to request an inspection.

Building a module that works for all councils

Want to be involved as a subject matter advisor? We’d love to hear from you. We’d reach out to you to clarify any process questions we have during the build.

How it works:

  • Tuesday 23rd February 9.30 am to 1 pm workshop with interested inspectors and Digital teams (stay as long as you are able)
  • Its interactive with a Miro board , everyone can add their suggestions on post-its as we go
  • Daily updates for interested teams as a 15-minute stand-up
  • Demo of finished module Wednesday 3rd March 10 am – 60 minutes.

Looking forward to seeing you there … you can sign up here

Cheers, Tony