Applying conditional formatting to a global composite

I have a choice field with various grant award amounts (1000, 2500, 5000, 0-decline). I’ve created a global composite to sum the award for all applications we receive - this is working ok.

I’d now like to do conditional formatting on it, so if the sum of all awards is less than £1m it is green, then another for amber and another for red.

When I try to create the subset it won’t let me put an amount in the value box, it just says ‘please select’. I have a feeling it is because of the 0-decline option in the field the composite is based on, however this isn’t stopping the composite working, so not sure why it should be an issue in the subset.

Any ideas?



Just to close this off - in the end I created a DEC field, rules to set value and based the subset and global composite on this

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