Apps for the weekend anyone?

Two new Accelerators on the AppShare for you to peruse this weekend.

The first is an update to Walk-in-queuing. You can find it here. This is version three and enhancements include:

  • Waiting board advertising with scrolling adverts
  • Agent Availability monitoring
  • Enhanced Liberty integration and Voice prompt on waiting board– repeat 3 times only
  • Liberty Converse Tasks based integration
  • Video appointments
  • Customer Reception Interface
  • Enhanced reporting

The second one is the Employee Welfare Risk Assessment accelerator. You can find it here.

This accelerator allows organisations to contact staff en masse to allow them to respond to questions tailored to on-going Homeworking.

In situations where employees wish to return to ‘office life’ through choice, they can request for a digital survey to be sent to them for completion.

The response is then reviewed by their line manager, or appropriate party, and approved, or declined. There is also visibility of the number of requests and response types.

Enjoy! Cheers, Tony

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