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Hi all

We are just looking at a solution to reduce our disk usage, by archiving documents to Sharepoint 3 months after being uploaded, we will store the sharepoint URL and then can retrieve the file for a further 3 months when needed (has anyone done a sharepoint integration like this before using the sharepoint REST API?)

Whilst thinking about this I had an idea - I wonder if a new feature could be added to LC.

I know there is glacier type cloud storage on AWS; for File type objects, could we have a setting for ‘archive to glacier’ where the platform automatically moves the file to this cheaper but slower storage, saving us disk space. as part of the setting we could put a period of days for it stay in fast storage before being moved.

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Hi Kevin,

I do have an event action capable of moving files to Amazon S3 storage if you are interested.
It might serve as a good starting point for an action to Sharepoint if you’d be happy to share it with us in return.

That would be a useful starting point, and of course we will share if we are able to do the same for sharepoint.

Do you think the idea of a native feature to do this (where we pay a bit more to add on glacier storage) has legs?

Although looking at AWS glacier is too slow, so probably need S3 standard - infrequent access

The Amazon S3 upload Event Action can be found here:

@kevin.rowe - Would be a good feature suggestion for the new Ideas Portal! If you add it we’ll see if there is demand across the customer base for a native S3 file storage feature.

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