Assign users to a certain group

Hi there

I’m looking for a bit of advice.
I need to assign certain users to a specific group when creating a request.

To put it into context, when a user creates a request they need to select a Builder, when they select this Builder they then need to pick a manager to assign the request to from a dropdown list. I want the system to only show managers in the dropdown list that are related to the Builder selected.

I hope this makes sense, let me know if you need more information.

Thank you!

Amy :slightly_smiling_face:


If there is a one to many relationship between Builder and Manager you can put both relation selectors on the page and use the filter path dependancy to control the managers which show up in the 2nd dropdown. You will need an interface to set the relationships between the builders and managers to get this working

Thank you Kevin. When you say an interface, do you mean a new interface built into my application to just relate the Sites to their Managers?

Yes, You’d need a page where you can set each each manager’s builder, so the filter by path knows which results to display in the second drop down - you might have a page you can put this on (any page with base object manager would do) or a edit list of managers.

Hi Amy - hopefully you’re sorted off the back of Kevin’s useful response, but just quickly following up, if you wanted to see some of the relation selectors in action you could maybe take a look at

In this Accelerator, you can give staff particular skills / locations and then when you need to assign a shift (in your case may be a request) to someone for a particular location the list is constrained to only people who can work in that specific location. In your case would be managers related to builders. Hope this helps…