Authenticated Webpage Issue

I have an app that displays the steps of a Work Item on a webpage and allows the entry of data. The issue is when the data is captured, an error/warning message is shown, although the data has update correctly.

the setup is follows:-
Work Instruction 1toMany WI Steps
Work Instruction 1toMany Work Item Data

The webpage has a base object of Work Instruction
The page displays the Work Instruction No & Name in a nuggets widget
The page displays a list of the WI Steps in a list widget
The page displays the Work Item Data fields in a form to be entered with a submit button
Everything displays ok, and the Work Item data can be entered.
On pressing the submit button, the data updates correctly, but the page returns a message " Context record’s object does not match page’s context object."
If everything has updated correctly, why does the message show?
Is there a way to prevent this?

Hi Robert, this will almost certainly be down to the destination for your form and which record you are redirecting with - the saved Record ID or a related record - does the base record type of the page (even if the same as current) match the record type of the ID you are redirecting with? Looking at your description the page is based on the Work Instruction but the form is based on the Work Item - so you will need the form to redirect with a related record of the Work Instruction.