Auto save - multi line text


Just a quick question. Does anybody have or know of any configuration to auto save multi line text, agents need to entry a lot of information into multi line text and session/page expires whilst actively typing.


Hi Susanne, welcome to the Community Forum. I’m not aware of any way to easily auto save a record, but you can certainly alter your session timeout setting. Is there a reason for having your session set to timeout so soon?

I’m advised that potentially a Custom Presenter could help your issue! Is the multi line text field alone on the page or part of a larger form? Would you want JUST that field to auto save, or the entire record?

Regards - Mark

Hi Mark

Apologises for my delay in responding, I have been on annual leave.

We are experiencing session time out and we have set the session to what we think is appropriate, when someone is entering text into 1 property the system is not recognising an active session. We have identified this on a Web Authenticated page and also on an Interface, we have increased the session expiry to 300 minutes on both and time out it still happening:

Web Authenticated is part of a longer form and the page in question has 1 mutli text and a choice property with link expiry set as 35minutes

Interface page has a multi line and a single line property

You’ve hit the nail on the head as we are looking for just the session not to expire.



Hi, I do have a Custom multi-line text presenter that auto saves, if you still need one.

Hey @gediminas.poviliunas, I hope you’re well! :slight_smile:
I would definitely be interested in the auto save multi-line presenter if you would be willing to share it with me! :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a great day,

Ged has sent a version over, and I’m just preparing it for submission to Appshare (Many Thanks @gediminas.poviliunas).

I will share the link here once completed.

Just so you aware this will only work on existing records and not on un-saved forms.

It would be fairly easy to extend it so that it would initially create a new record and then save to it afterwards.

Hi Ged,

The issue here would be silently saving, especially where there may be some required fields left to complete. Once saved you would need to redirect to the correct context record, such that subsequent and existing data is not lost, on doing this it may provide a slightly strange experience for the user in the switch.

The prefered route would be to collect some preliminary information first on one page and then after a switch to the next page along with a save you could use your existing presenter.