Auto Sign in using Work Account

I was wondering if it is possible to setup the web browser to automatically sign in a user by using the Work Account.
I have used task scheduler to automatically open the web page but ideal would be when loading the page, to also auto login by using the work account. Currently they still have to click on the button but I want to avoid that, so basically, for the user to login as soon as the task scheduler runs, which is at logon.
It works with other web applications but i am unable to find the URL that would automatically do that.

Hi thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, this is not possible (at present) due to how Liberty Converse communicates with your SSO provider.

As this is a potential change, could I ask that you raise this in the Ideas Portal so others can upvote the idea and our dev teams can then look to see if this is something that can be implemented in future releases.

Many thanks.


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