Automated emailing out of reports

Hi all,

does anyone know if it is possible in Create to set up automatic sending of emails with attachments containing reports? (For example, monthly management reports of cases logged, cancelled, or completed.)

If so, I would be grateful if someone can share how to implement this as I haven’t been able to set it up.


Hi Jane,

We’ve implemented this by creating an object with just a text-single line property that is related one-to-many to the Messages object. We then create a record of this object and give it a name, such as “Monthly Reports”, and create a subset for the record.

We then create a message with this base record that contains the information that we want to send regularly.

Finally, we create a signal that sends every X days/months, and a rule that will send this specific email.

Hopefully this makes sense,
Thanks, Ewan


That does make sense!

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond,