Avaya IP Office

Hi all, we are having issues connecting Liberty to our Avaya IP Office. Any help from another IP Office user would be much appreciated.

Hi Darren, is this a new PBX which you are trying to connect your system to? If so, you will need to contact your account manager, as this requires Netcall Professional services to ensure it is compatible and that changes and testing can be completed.

Hi Jonathan, we are struggling to get link to the IPO working, and my maintainer is claiming Netcall is not supported on the IPO, so desperately looking for other IPO users.

Hi Darren, there should be no reason why you cannot connect and use Liberty Converse with your Avaya (One of the benefits of Liberty is that it is PBX agnostic). However, if you are trying to connect to a new PBX, this requires changes to the telephony protocol setup that requires Netcall to complete.

Can you advise is this is a new PBX or an extension to the existing PBX connection your Liberty system is already connected to?

Hi Jonathan, I understand you are agnostic, it’s new, but not working, and my maintainer are reluctant to help with support as they are adamant Netcall is not supported on the IP Offfice, hence the ask for other IP office users.

HI Darren. I understand that this is an open Project. We have notified your Project Manager of the issues you are having (have you contacted them as yet?) Regarding compatibility, we have a number of customers using the Avaya IPO without issue; it just requires discussions with our PS team and your PBX maintainer to set up the connection.

Hi Jonathan, the project team are aware, problem is my maintainer is adamant Netcall is not supported - therefore reluctant to enter into discussions.