Biodiversity net gain

Yesterday Defra released their guidelines on the requirements for BNG. The teams responsible for checking and monitoring BNG are now starting to look at whether the work to support this can be underpinned with some sort of system and are looking at solutions in the market. Is anyone considering building a solution in-house with Liberty Create? Thanks


Hi Alix, first of all, welcome to the Netcall Community and thank you for your first submission.

My name is Mark Pearson and I am the AppShare Manager for Netcall. I have authored many Liberty Create solutions for Netcall and our valued Customers, over my years with the company.

I’m not au fait with this subject but we are always looking at interesting and forward thinking business issues that we can resolve by way of utilising the Liberty Suite of products. If you would like to organise a quick Teams chat to discuss this subject I would be very happy to make myself available to establish if there is the potential to look at this subject in greater detail, and possibly either develop something to manage this issue, or help you advance the matter in some other way.

My email address is I’d be pleased to hear further from you on the matter.

Many Thanks and Best Regards - Mark