Block Bookings - recurrence

Hi, I’m trying to create a booking service for Sports Pitches. These can be booked repeatedly across the year and I wondered if there was a way of creating block bookings within the object, so for eg, every Monday 2-4? Has anyone done this before?

Hi @a.anderson
Thanks for posting. I’m just trying to hunt down the best person to respond to this.
We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Hi Alison - welcome to the community.

The booking widget is only designed to make a single booking. However, the underlying capabilities would allow you to make repeated bookings. Therefore, yes you can. I think you would need to decide how you go before expanding too much…

Bookings can be made without the booking widget, using a form - but it would typically only be used for a single booking.

I can think of a few other options - a custom “Multi-booking Widget” or an event processor that takes a start date; repeat interval and end point (I suppose a little like Outlook). In theory, I think you could also do it in build studio, but that may be a stretch too far!

You would need to decide what to do if a booking slot is not available and some means of reporting back the success or otherwise.

Not sure this is a trivial exercise - unless you have a JavaScript development capability.

Happy to pick up further.


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Hi Richard,
Thanks for this. I’m very new to this so not quite sure how to create a custom widget? Or even how to process an event?
I am trying to do this in Build Studio but perhaps I’m not in the right place?
Do you know of others who have used this feature in their builds?
Thanks, Alison

Hi Alison
You may find it helpful to attend our event next Friday Build Surgery - Code Studio: Event Actions - Friday 22nd January 2021
This will introduce you to code studio. I’m not suggesting it will directly solve your problem, but it may give you some direction.

Thanks Tony, I have that in my calendar so will attend with interest :slight_smile:

Hi Alison, we’ve got some enhanced booking functionality being rolled out to some citizen hub customers. I’ll speak to the guys who are dealing with it and contact you directly once I know more.