Booking resource limits


I am looking to use the booking functionality as part of a process and am struggling to get the set up I would like. I have used the guides online as a starting point and wondered if anyone could offer some advice.

I am trying to allow people to book a space at a location, each location has the ability to allow up to a set number of individuals at each time (different for each location). I have my calendar set up, have created my locations as my resource and set a maximum number per location. When I go to book a space if the maximum is reached in one location is it blocking out that time as unavailable in all locations, where it should be available in some locations.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


Hi Sarah,

Are you using your location as the resource record? If so, how are you telling the booking object about it? Are you using the booking widget or a form based entry for the date/time slots? So many questions when it comes to bookings!! PM me and we can go through it.


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Thanks Richard, I will PM you with some more details.