Bookings linked to a case and user

I’m looking for help on how to approach the following.

We have a case object called an “Enquiry”. Against these enquiries we’d like to be able to make one or more appointment bookings.

The appointments will have a type such as “Telephone” or “Face to Face”
A single user will be assigned to the booking as the person holding the appointment.

I beliive the “resource” in this should be the enquiry, and the “service” should be the appointment type. We’d want users to see all of their upcoming appointments for all enquiries, and we want admins to see all appointments for all users and all enquries.

I haven’t found a way a way to:

  1. Auto assign the enquiry - the booking form requires this to be selected even though it’s an enquiry > booking relationship for the form base object.
  2. Show a bookings calendar in different ways - e.g on the users dashboard they want to see all their appointments. On the enquiry it should show all appointments booked for that enquiry.

Someone else asked the question regardign bookings related to a case but no answer:


From my understanding, I imagine you want the User to be the “Resource” being booked.

(Having the type as the “service” makes sense).

  1. In the Diary configuration, you can specify the “Resource allocation” as “Auto” and then choose a standard or custom algorithm for custom selection.

  2. You should be able to specify a path from the User/Enquiry to their related Appointments. So not sure why this wouldn’t work.

Does any of that help?
I’m happy to try and help further if not.


Thanks Paul. I’ll give this another go with the user as the resource.