Busy codes in Liberty

Our Service Desk receive calls and emails through Liberty Converse. One thing we have found is if an agent sets a busy state whilst they are interacting with an email, the busy state doesn’t automatically kick in. Our agents don’t always remember to defer an email when they are going on breaks, so our reports aren’t showing when the agents are going on their breaks/lunch etc.
Is there a way we can set the busy code to defer the email they are working on so that they display as that busy code on our supervisor screen?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tracy, this is not something that is currently factored into the product, but a great idea. Could you pop it on the Ideas portal (under resources at the top of the page), this way it can get logged and discussed and hopefully implemented.

Many thanks for your feed back and request, and if anyone else has an idea/feature they would like to see, please do add it to the Ideas portal so that others can vote, whilst your there why not take a look at some of the other ideas and vote for the ones you want to see implemented.

Many thanks.


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I will go and add it now, thank you!