Busy Codes - Time Limit not Setting

We have noticed when an agent selects a busy code that has a set time it doesn’t always start the timer and sits on the busy code at 0 Secs so the agent does not go red/overdue on the bust code. This seems to happen sporadically - has anyone else experienced this?

Hi @Cat185 this is interesting, does this status change if you refresh your browser? does it start counting then?

Also is the Agent still on a call at that time? One thing I may suggest is instead of using a busy code to catch more wrap up, that you may want to look at using Mandatory Activity codes as this will allow you to monitor agents who go over the allotted time give for wrap up and ensure activity codes are captured as they will not be allowed to end the wrap up until something is selected, this also helps calculate the actual handling time of the interaction and still counts against working time rather than busy time.

Please let us know the status of your Agent’s screen as well, is this just your dashboard or is it also the same on the agent screen?



Thanks for your reply. I think we’ve got the sequence as to how it happens. If you go on extra wrap up time as a call is coming through and it goes to not responding as you change it. It’s like it’s trying to show both statuses at the same time, so we can try to avoid that. I’m interested now in the Mandatory Activity code as we just have one saying test and as you suggest it would be better to get the wrap as part of the call time rather than a busy code.

Activity Codes really do make a big difference to your reports.

  1. They allow the Agent the ability to select the reason/outcome of the call (E.G. not just a housing repair call but it was a new boiler issue or chasing repair or engineer follow up). These can be as you would like to list out (however you can only have Activity Code per interaction).

  2. Activity Code Reports allow you to see the total number of Interactions with that Activity Code and then have that broken down into each Interaction type (Call/Email/Messages) but also see the Total and individual time spent on each of these activities. (Here is an example report, and more details can be found in our doc’s portal for this report here https://docs.netcall.com/docs/liberty-converse/5.9/supervisor-guide/reporting-library/activity-codes)

Mandatory Activity Codes force the Agent to select an Activity Code before they can complete the Interaction - meaning the No Activity Code as displayed in the image above being selected.

Mandatory Activity Codes also provide you with Extended Wrap up so where you may set this to say 60 Seconds, the Agent can’t clear down the interaction until an Activity Code is selected, allowing them the time needed but also the Activity Code Report calculations.

You can use the Agent Summary Report to help identify where people may be overusing wrap-up, here is an example of the data within the Agent Summary and over the time period I can see each Agents usage and from this work out if this is within an acceptable threshold. (In this example 22 hours would not be acceptable :grin:)

All of this would allow me to see where I need to focus my attention to the types of calls being received and whether I can provide improvements to the service provided for these types of calls but also enable me a greater understanding of my Agents performance.

Hope these bits of information provide useful, do let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards.