Calendar with multi select


We have an issue with trying to create a previously paper-based form into an online netcall form where the customer has a checkbox table with dates of the month (1st to 31st) for people to tick dates that apply to them. E.g. if they had attended something for 10 days that month and can tick which dates of that month they had attended. (see attached picture) Is there a workaround for this to say, use the calendar date function but be able to select multiple dates in that month rather than just one?
Also open to other workarounds to have a multiselect checkbox in a table-like form rather than list, as long as it is easily functionable on both desktop and mobile


Hey @heatherharrisonbeeston ,

Very interesting use case, always like to see paper-based forms converted to digital :slight_smile:

There are ways of achieving this in Create, but you’d be building quite a lot of loops and data to make this achievable easily out-the-box.

For example, if each date is represented as record data, you could use the grid widget (or an asset template) to build in a checkbox to represent each date record. However, the maintenance for this would be quite hefty.
If you wanted to avoid storing each day as a record, you could have 31 boolean properties in an object, then have a subset which controls which checkboxes should show and when.

It really comes down to your data model and how you want to use the data.

The most flexible and easiest option, in my opinion, would be to create a Code Studio widget which can display the data (as per you screenshot) that can handle the data as you would want to.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: