Call backs rejected

On the Agent Summary Report it details the number and % of call backs that have been rejected by individual staff members. Is there a report that shows the call backs in more detail? I’m looking for out of the number rejected what services were they for as we deal with 17 different services.


Hi @costiganj, you can see this using a mix of reports. The first report would be the Queue Summary Report. In this example, I have the default view of Queue selected.

This displays the CallBack Queue and any Rejected CallBacks (in my example, there are none).

If I change the View By option from Queue to Skill, this breaks down per skill, and now I can see the Rejected by service.

This will allow you to view each of your Skills for CallBacks. You can even select only the CallBack Queue, allowing you to report only the CallBack Calls.

You can also run the Agent Summary Report to see who is rejecting the most CallBack Calls.

But this will show you per Agent and not per service. There is no way to break these down per service in this report.

However, if this data was important to break down per service/agent, then you can use their CallBack Detailed History Report. Go to your Settings Cog > CallBack > Reports > Detailed History.

Select the Date Range you want to view the report on and choose Show Report.

This will show you the Queue, Result and Agent. You can use the Download Button to use with Excel to view and filter on the data.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Redsell