Call Centre temporary closure ( 1 hour) - Message / Voice mail set up options

Good Afternoon,
I would like some advice please of how I can temporarily close all inbound lines to allow an al forthcoming all colleague meeting coming up shortly please.

In short I would like to turn the lines off and leave a message with a callback option.

Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks

Hi There. This can depend on your setup and is normally done at the Dialogue Level. Can I ask which organisation you are from and we can take a look quickly and suggest some options.


Jonathan Redsell

You can use your Time Plan and Time Plan list to create an ‘exception’ for your meeting, that routes to a message saying you are unavailable and then use a Voice Form to allow callers to leave a message to request a call back.
Hope this helps.

@ross_mcqueen or use a Transfer block to send them straight into a CallBack QueueBuster queue, so you don’t need to pick up and transcribe the voicemail.

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@BSCQualityDesk But @ross_mcqueen is on to something. If you want to send these callers during a time period to a voicemail or CallBack Queue, you can edit the timeplan during these times and have it load another message/menu block to advise of the closure with instructions to call back later or offer the chance to leave a VM/CallBack request.

Again it can depend on the setup of your system but it is quite straight forward to achieve.

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your quick response. I work for Maximus (Remploy) Centre in Leicester and we are using cloud based Liberty converse 5.4 I beleive.

Pinged you a message

Sorry Jonathan, I cant seem to find the email. Could you re-send to many thanks

Hi @BSCQualityDesk thanks for the chat and let us know if you need any further assistants.

For everyone else, @ross_mcqueen idea is the winner here. Going into the required Dialogue and adding an exception to the Timeplan for this date and time required to load a New Message Block that instructs the caller why you are closed / when you will reopen and then pass the caller to the option for voicemail that is currently in your Dialogue.