Call Duration Timer

Is there a way I can use the system variables to route a call that is older than 120 seconds?
I’m currently supervising a series of transfers to a group of individual extensions and mobiles that repeat. Instead of building lots of blocks could I check for duration and either repeat the steps or do a final transfer/play message?

Hi @GordonIng ive dropped you a message, if we can have a quick chat we can take a look at the possible solutions and then feed back to the community.

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Thanks @GordonIng for the chat. Hope this solution does as you require.

To everyone else, this was the problem, Gordon was wanting to transfer a caller to a single number and based on how long the caller was waiting, play a message to a caller or route the caller to voicemail if need be and a timer was exceeded.

Gordon was looking to do this with the Dialogue Transfer Block, which is possible but wasn’t quite solving all of his needs and it was becoming a little more complex when in some cases needing to change the ring length.

What I proposed was using CallQueue, which is basically Contact Centre’s little brother. It allows you to Queue callers to a single destination (you can easily create a single number on your PBX and open that into a hunt group to call more if needed). This also allows you to limit the number of callers to the number, and if the caller is queuing for x time you can route the caller to in this case a voicemail box within Messenger+.

This also allows the ability to play comfort messages to callers and have queue breakout options based on your comfort prompts (press 1 to leave a message for example_. If required you can also record calls as well, and all CallQueues provide stats on calls as well (like this).

It also doesn’t require anyone to login to take the calls. CallQueues are great for when you want to queue a call to any number and its included in your Liberty Converse system.

Thanks Gordon, do let us know if you need any further advice/guidance.

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I have been asked to do something Similar, I need to point a call to a single number (a third party PBX), if that is not answered after x amount of time I need to them point it to another single number on this pbx. would this be the way to that too.

Also is there a Maximum time limit Netcall will queue the call before it drops the call as noreply?

You could yes, CallQueue does have the option to route based on time exceeded. It may be better to just use Dialogue Builder, but it can depend on your requirements. @tinahop happy to drop you an email to arrange a quick call to discuss if you like?

@JonathanRedsell can you give me a call after 2:15?