Call queue Call Recording

I can see in the Call Queue setting that I can record calls. this call queue routes calls to a physical extension - will these calls be reocrded?

Hi Gordon. Yes, CallQueue does indeed record calls to the destination extension. Remember with CallQueue; if you want to record calls, you will also need to turn off optimisation for the Queue (default). This will, of course, keep channels open and take recording storage, but it is a great feature.

Give me a call if you want any further information on CallQueue.

thanks - next question - how would a user access the voicemails - is there a training module?

Recordings? Users won’t. These are only accessible via the recent call reports, which mean they are only accessible for System Admins as you can access all recordings this way as well. However, if you stick an idea here Ideas ( for access to CallQueue Recordings, I am sure it would be well supported.