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I can see in the Call Queue setting that I can record calls. this call queue routes calls to a physical extension - will these calls be reocrded?

Hi Gordon. Yes, CallQueue does indeed record calls to the destination extension. Remember with CallQueue; if you want to record calls, you will also need to turn off optimisation for the Queue (default). This will, of course, keep channels open and take recording storage, but it is a great feature.

Give me a call if you want any further information on CallQueue.

thanks - next question - how would a user access the voicemails - is there a training module?

Recordings? Users won’t. These are only accessible via the recent call reports, which mean they are only accessible for System Admins as you can access all recordings this way as well. However, if you stick an idea here Ideas ( for access to CallQueue Recordings, I am sure it would be well supported.

Hi. What happens to a call in progress when the max timer reached?

The Max time on Call Recording - After this time, the call will continue, but the call recording will stop.

By default this is set to 1 hour (3600 seconds).

Thanks Jonathan, much appreciated.

No problem, oh and welcome to the Community

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Jonathan, Can you answer the following (or share we we can find this out).
How can we see how much space/capacity our call recordings are currently using vs how much storage is available.
Also what happens if we run out of space - is is last in/first out.
And finally - if we change the duration on a queue will that have any impact on a live service?

Hi Gordon. So in most cases, calls are stored on a 500GB storage drive on one of the main DB servers - this may differ from config to config, so if you need to know yours, please get in touch with Support to enquire where recordings are stored.

The system is usually set up to grow until about 400-450GB and then remove the oldest call recording first. The system would normally purge call recordings over 90 days old anyway.

To monitor this information, you can check the drive space of the call recording drives to show you how much is in use and how much space is left. - Maybe something to add to the Ideas Portal to have a report on this within the system reports, perhaps? Feel free to add this if you feel it’s important.

The amount of storage you need will obviously depend on the number of calls you are recording and the length of time the call lasts, so each system is different in retention times.

You can easily copy data to a Network storage area if you need to keep data for longer.

Hope this helps


Jonathan Redsell - Trainer