Call Recording stuck on for all calls - Liberty 5.0.4

Hi There, first time posting.

I am working with a Liberty Converse 5.0.4 install and somehow the system is recording every call made into the Contact Centres we have configured. I began by creating a test call queue and configured call recording only for that single queue. I have since undone the changes and am still stuck with every call being recorded sitewide.

I have checked all contact centres for call recording options and all queues. They are all unchecked. I have since run a system update to no avail. The “Allow supervisors to configure call recording” is disabled across all contact centres.

Where is the secret setting I’m overlooking? What am I missing?

Many thanks and Kind regards,


Hi, @andy.wallace welcome to the forum. That is a strange one. If call recording is turned off at the Queue level (as it is set per Queue), this will stop recording calls. Note, however, any previously recorded calls will still have their recordings visible, but any new calls would not be recorded.

If this is not the case and it is still recording new calls into your Group/Queue even after you turned this feature off, please raise this with our support team to investigate why it is not doing what it should be doing.


Jonathan Redsell

Hi Andy - in addition to what Jonathan Redsell has stated, I would also ask our support team to get you upgraded to the latest version of Converse because there have been many features and fixes since 5.0.4. Current version is 5.5.3.