Call recordings and new Interaction ID's lost in reports

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We have discovered that when calls are transferred to another team within our service, the initial call recording is ended and a new recording along with a new ID is created when answered by the other team. Is there a way that the 2 ID numbers could be linked together instead of having to find it in a larger interactions report which also loses the customer phone number making it difficult to locate…

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Hi David, so when transferring from one queue to another this would count as a new Interaction and new ID. You can of course use the Interactions report and use the customer filter to find all calls to/from a particular number so this would enable you to quickly see these calls.

When you say your report loses the customer phone number on transfer, do you mean when an Agent transfers them the CLI is replaced in the report? if so that is not correct behaviour and should be looked at.

Hi Dave, yes this is done intentionally because separate queues or departments might be separated for good reasons and the call recordings need to be kept separate, for example someone comes into department A to talk about an account question, but then gets transferred to department B to talk about a childcare or personal finance issues. The organisation and customer would not as default want department A to have access to the recording of deportment B. @JonathanRedsell or @JonathanGunner feel free to jump in on this i know it has been asked before, any idea of any work around or a way to make this configurable with a change request?

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your reply.

Yes the Agents CLI is replaced in the report instead of the customers telephone number so it doesn’t display the future interactions with the customer filter option once the call has been transferred.

@dave.amps thanks. We have separate teams within our own department and do have to transfer internally regularly. Is there a way to override the calls not being recorded? It just seems very difficult to map the whole customer journey, but this could be due to the potential problem that @JonathanRedsell mentioned above.

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Call recording by default will end once the Agent has completed the Interaction, however you can turn this feature off (per queue) using the following settings
call rec settings
Here you can see that Calls will be recorded and wont stop when the Agent transfers the call (via software of phone). Doing so will ensure the continuation of the call recording until the original call is terminated. Just note this does still keep channels open so if capacity is an issue on your system this will have an impact.

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