Call Transfers - Contact Centre to Back Office

Were looking for a way to transfer a call through the netcall system (so the call recording continues), whilst an agent is in a busy code.

We have a back office team, which log into a Netcall group and support our first point of contact team, when needed, they also use the same group for outbound calls. However, if a call is initially taken in the first point of contact team, and needs to be transferred to the back office team, the call is being transferred outside of the netcall system, as the back office agent is in a busy code, because if they are in available, they will potentially get customer calls allocated to them as they are both working from the same group. Is there a way of agent transfers being done, whilst in a busy code? Or is there another way round this issue?

Hi @KatieEllison This is possible within Liberty Converse. Within your Contact Centre Group settings > Recording Profiles section you will see the following settings:


If you untick the Stop Recoding on Agent Transfer this will allow the recording to continue until the original caller hangs up (or the maximum call recording time is reached).

Just note however, that this can cause larger call recordings and therefore could affect the retention policy (due to disk space size), and you may need to communicate to staff that calls from the contact centre may be recorded.

Hope this helps, if you have any further questions please let us know.

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Another option could be to have what’s known as a Backoffice Queue/Skill, assign this skill to those staff members and ensure they do not have the normal skill assigned by default to take incoming calls. Your Agents can then transfer callers to this Queue, and it will assign the call to the next available Agent. This means your back-office team can login without the need to be on a Busy Code and not be inundated with calls. You could then assign them a skill for normal calls as and when you want the team to help taking calls, use a lower skill level or even use the minimal Skill level with the Back Off Timer adjusted to say 5 minutes which means they can login and not get a call unless all agents were busy, and the caller has been waiting for x number of minutes.

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What I would do would be to have the back office team in a different group so they don’t have to be in a busy code. You can then build into the dialogue the function for the system to determine when you’re busy and when to transfer calls to the alternative queue.

I’m not going to take credit for this, the idea came from this forum, the instructions on how to build the dialogue were put in here by @JonathanRedsell.
They’re here Hints and Tips - Setting Queue Limits within a Dialogue

I’d set this up so that the calls divert to the back up team when it’s busy and calls can be transferred to them if needed.
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Thank you for your suggestion - certainly something to look into. Appreciate it.

Thank you for both suggestions Jonathan - very helpful as usual. We will discuss :slight_smile: