Callback not triggering


I am trying to show/hide a Search relation ticklist (like a collapsible heading). I am using a boolean variable outside of the search widget and the idea is the use a callback to update the display properties of the search ticklist widget to achieve the show and hide.

The callback is on the boolean variable but when i’m looking at detective mode, and switch the variable between yes and no, nothing is appearing in detective. I have a simple cs.log(“Hello World!”);

It doesnt seem the callback is triggering.


Hi Carl,

Just so I understand completely, you have a Boolean “Variable” (editable in the application) which you would like to use to control the visibility of a “Search Ticked Relations” widget via a callback?

To trigger a callback on a field, you need to set the triggering field “Trigger Event” setting to E1 … E10 and the field being triggered “Refresh on event” setting to E1 … E10 (matching the Trigger Event value).

The callback will be fired when the field initially renders and when the triggering field value changes.