Callback (QueueBuster) Questions & Answers

I had some questions come in about CallBack (specifically QueueBuster) from a customer recently and felt it would be good to supply the answers here for anyone who has had the same questions.

Question 1.

When someone calls in and selects the option for queue buster do they get any estimate on when they will get the call back?


No, the system does not feedback information about ETA when sending a caller to CallBack. However, one thing you might consider doing is turning on the ETA option within your Contact Centre queue settings. I recommend adding this as a suggestion to the Ideas Portal, as I can see where setting an expectation is handy (specially in stopping repeat calls).

Question 2.

If we set the allow repeat numbers to No, do they get a message saying that they already have a call back in progress?


There are three options for Allow Repeat Callers within your CallBack Queue settings, when set to one of these settings, this is what the caller will hear:
  • YES: This will work just as if this is the first time, they have left a CallBack - so no added prompt, just the standard prompts for name and confirmation of phone number to call back to.

  • NO: We are already queueing a callback request to this number. Please hang up and wait for your call back. (Terminates call).

  • PLAY PROMPT: We are already queueing a callback request to this number. If you still wish to request a callback, press 1 to continue. Otherwise, please hang up. (Terminates call).

Question 3.

widgets in the dashboard what are they showing me?


These widgets are configured based on the status of the CallBack. Let us look at each one.
  • CALLBACK CALLS - WITH AGENT: This shows the number of calls that are an Agent speaking to someone who has requested a CallBack. Think of these as ongoing successful CallBacks. (This status remains until the Agent ends the wrap up)

  • CALL BACK CALLS - QUEUEING: This shows the number of calls in the queue that are CallBacks but are yet to be picked up by an Agent or are currently calling out to a customer (they only move from this state to With Agent, once the customer has connected).

  • CALLBACK CALLS - OFFLINE: This shows the number of calls waiting in the Offline Queue setting. By default, the system can offer more CallBacks to people than you have available channels/resource for. The system will store these calls in the Offline Queue, waiting for an available Online resource to become available. Let’s say I want to offer up to twenty people the chance to leave a CallBack request, but I only want 5 CallBacks to queue back into my Contact Centre Queue at any one time. I set these parameters, so that when all five of my Online (Queueing and With Agent Status) are full (reading 5) then the system will store these other callers in the Offline Queue. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on this as if you have too many, they may be waiting a while for a CallBack.

  • CALLBACK CALLS - SCHEDULED: Should an Agent Reject a CallBack (they can do this by either hanging up the call before the customer has answered), then the CallBack request will go to the Rescheduled queue, and then wait for the timer set to expire (see your CallBack Queue settings) and then represent this call back to the Online Queue when capacity is free. The Rescheduled Queue also stores any calls where a customer did not answer, or where an Agent has manually set a reschedule time (if enabled).

So, there we go some Q&A on CallBack, do you have any questions? Can you supply any answers? drop them below.

Thanks - Jonathan Redsell