Callbacks query

Does Liberty converse have the functionality to have a callback but the caller remain in the same queue position? At present callbacks will queue online or offline depending on your set up but then enter the queue at the bottom and work their way to the top.

HI @tracylancashire you are correct CallBack does not keep the person in the same position as they left. The reason being, is that it favours those who are still waiting (potentially being more urgent) and those who can wait a little, to be called back when the the CallBack system can get an available Agent.

Is there a need to ensure this keeps the person in the same position they left? If so we may be able to look at how the solution is configured in order to provide your citizens with the best experience possible.

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Redsell

Hi, it is something we wanted to explore, keeping the queue place seems to be something that is more favourable to customers rather than getting an option to receive a call back at an unknown time. There is a danger (and an increase) in customers waiting too long and then calling back themselves, this then creates duplication.

Thanks for the clarification. One thing to do would be to add this functionality to the Ideas Portal. Perhaps the option for the system to check if the caller has a CallBack in the system and allow the Agent to check and then cancel this option?

But if this is happening then perhaps the offering of the CallBack and your Online/Offline settings may not be set to the most optimal configuration.

If you want to drop me an email @tracylancashire then we can get some time to take a look.

Kind Regards.

Jonathan Redsell