Can RPA be used to copy cases from Create?


Could RPA be used to copy cases from one Create Application (Live) to another (Test) including all data in all stages up to a specific point ?



Morning Mark,

Theoretically yes, but there are potentially many simpler ways to achieve the same.

CSV Imports and Exports may be a better approach, we often use this to migrate configuration stored within objects between systems. This can even be made to work with hierarchical data as long as you take a top down approach so that relationships are maintained correctly. Rules can be used to advance processes as required.

Custom API’s are another option but would essentially work in the same vain as csv imports where hierarchical data can be represented.

Let me know if you require any further assistance.

Hi Adam,

We’ve been in touch with Netcall about a demonstration of RPA, but have not heard from you for over a week now. Please could someone get in touch about this ?