Can you stop a popup page from closing accidentally?

Does anyone know of a way to stop a popup page from closing when you click on the empty space around the page? When this happens the page loses the data that was being entered and is a source of frustration for some of our users. I have had a look at the page settings but there isn’t anything jumping out at me that would stop the page from closing in this way.

Hi Paul, I just checked out some of my pop up pages and I cannot get them to close without hitting the submit button. I suspect what you are experiencing might be due to the page basic settings, specifically the “Show Footer” or “Submit From Footer” elements. I have neither of these options checked on my pages. If you have either of these checked, try un-checking them and see if that resolves your issue. If it doesn’t please feel free to contact me and I’ll dig deeper for you! Regards - Mark P.

Hi Paul, sorry, I misunderstood your original message. The key word being “around” the page. The problem is that you are clicking, effectively, off the page. The platform assumes from this action that you don’t wish to proceed within the pop up page, closes it, allowing you to return to where you started from. I don’t think that can be prevented but will ask the question. MP

There is a bit of a work around that I just tried. If you set the page width to 1000 and then go into page layout and add a Blank Space element to the bottom of the page, below your Submit button, the page will open up and fill the screen so there is no visible “Blank area” to accidentally click on. It’s not ideal but an option. Regards - MP

Hi Mark, thanks for coming back to me. I have had a look at the basic settings and I don’t have either of those options ticked.

Hi Paul, as I said I misunderstood your initial message. If I click outside of the page boundaries I also have the same issue. I explained it more above. I will ask if it is something we can look at, but maybe try the workaround I suggested and see if that helps in the meantime. MP

Would there be any reason why you couldn’t apply a pointer event to the CSS class for the modal backdrop?

.modal-open .modal {
pointer-events: none;

as a POC I applied this in one of my environments and it works, i am no longer able to close the modal when selecting the backdrop, all the buttons still function as normal, but you might want to find a way of applying specifically to one page, as this will apply at a global level in its current format.

This function is also supported by all modern browsers at their latest versions.

With applying this method, you retain the shape and size of your popup, seems like a good function we could add mark?

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Hey Ryan,

You can apply a page class on the basics tab of the page, which you can then use in your css selector. Not tried it, but this should give you what you are looking for.


Would someone be willing to walk me through how to achieve this? I have very limited knowledge of the code studio and I don’t have a coding background.

I would be more than happy to facilitate a Call between Richard, yourself and I, to discuss this. I know how to apply my code to the whole environment but I don’t know (After having a quick look) how to apply as a page class on the Basics tab of a page.

Richard do you have time for a quick call this afternoon, I would be happy to share one of my environment for it?