Case process not showing

This is going to be the most obvious thing I’m sure but I just can’t seem to see it. I have a process that just isn’t showing the progress on the case process screen

and at the bottom where you would have the process map there isn’t one and states “No process available”.

I know it’s going to be simple but I just can’t see it and so I’m hoping someone will just give me a nudge please.

Hi Cathy,
Thank you for posting on the forum.

Although it is difficult to suggest a solution here without looking at your page in detail
but please check if you have the case object as the ‘Base object’ for your page or subtab or the viewport (whatever is appropriate in your scenario).
Also I believe you must have checked that you are showing the ‘correctly selected’ process under the relevant page with the relevant Base object applied.

I have just tested your scenario and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with displaying the widget ‘Case Stage List & Advance’ as per the screenshot below: