Case Stage List & Advance problem

I am going through the training for Liberty Create and using the “Case Stage List & Advance” Widget for my TSG Helpdesk Process.

When I progress the process for “Do we have all the info required?” and say “Yes” something goes wrong… It blanks some of fields for TSG22, and creates a new record for TSG23 with values from TSG22

I’ve obviously set something up wrong, but um unable to figure it out what it is?

See List of Cases page showing TSG22, TSG23.

I’m hoping someone else has seen this issue and can help?

Thanks - Jonathan Fleury-Smith (East Hampshire District Council)

FYI: Here is process diagram for TSG Helpdesk app.

Well I used the detective, and there was Rule running afterwards that was somehow adding this record, I disabled the Rule and it started working, The Rule looked fine, so I deleted and rebuilt and it is now all working…
16:45:55.254Rule TSG - Rule to send email at start of investigation triggered for Record 1345 (TSG Helpdesk Issue)
Thanks Detective.