CH Modules updated to include improvements under the hood

Following on from my post on the 25th March, we can now announce the release of the updated version of the following 14 CH Modules :-

  1. Parking Permit Applications
  2. Event Safety and Temporary Event Licence Applications
  3. Trees/Verges and Grass Cutting
  4. Reporting Abandoned Vehicles
  5. Freedom Of Information Request
  6. Reporting Hazardous Waste
  7. Parking Charge Notice Challenge
  8. Reporting Flooding and Drainage
  9. Reporting Public Health
  10. Reporting Anti Social Behaviour
  11. Public Parks
  12. Reporting Fly Tipping
  13. Reporting Pest Control
  14. Free School Meal and Clothing Grant Application

These changes include improvements to take advantage of the enhancements to the underlying architecture of the CH Framework along with support for the pre-population of the Customer information for cases raised through both the Agent and Citizen facing interfaces.

A further 15 modules are still being updated and are scheduled for release shortly, these include a number of previously unavailable modules. More information on these will be made available once they have been published into the AppShare.

If you have any questions about those that have already been published or the modules that are due to be released in the coming week(s) please do not hesitate to get in touch.