CHCentral and SSO

New to Netcall, so apologies if I miss off any salient info.

We’ve got a host up and running with the CHCentral application installed on it (we’re not LIVE yet). We’re attempting to configure SSO (using SAML 2.0 / Microsoft Azure). Everything looks to be configured OK, but upon login, I get the following…

In the Detective, I get the following log entry…

“12:07:29.2492 Unable to perform search. Permission denied. Object ID: OBJ0000013GBBFP1; Field: Active Cases”

This has me a little confused, I’m not entirely sure what what element I need to adjust the permissions for, or what to.

The Object ID OBJ0000013GBBFP1 looks to relate to the " CASE SUMMARY DATA" object, and all permissions on this are set to “Object Default”.

I’ve managed to set up SSO on a separate environment without CHCentral installed, and it works fine, so I’m confident my SSO config is OK.

I’m attempting to login using my Admin account, and so permissions shouldn’t be a problem (I can login manually with no issue).

The SSO is set-up to create a new user if no match is found. The new users are created in “No Permissions” role, which takes them to a page which just displays their own account data. If I manually create an account in this role, and login with username and password, it works fine.

Our SSO config…

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi @camsd047 ,

Interesting. Looking at your app, it’s because your user’s role is being set to the ‘No permissions’ user role. However, that user does not have permissions to access any of your available interfaces. Therefore it cannot redirect to any interface or its page(s). To solve this, provide them access to one of your interfaces by going to your interface and the Permissions tab.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: