Checklist/multi-select to question

Looking to have a form where users can “tick off” parts of a process to say that they are complete, 6 options should be in-front of them and they have to select “yes” to each one to indicate as complete has anyone ever done something like this?

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Assuming you want to show all six at once, the simplest option would be a set of six Boolean Properties, which you can show in a Form as tickboxes, or slide switches, for example.

If you require that all are ticked before the user can move on then you can set them as “required” fields in the form.

All will likely be boolean based as per Bob’s reply, but you could use Forms / Pages / Sub Pages as part of your process, which are then summarised somewhere, to show which bits of the process are / are not complete.

For example completing an application form, or in the case of this image, an Onboarding tool. So each Cross / Tick is driven by a page in an app to complete the required information in the relevant section.