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When creating contact details on a page, is there a way to be able to make it so they can be clicked on using either a phone or computer, and it take the user to the relevant way to use the contact details. E.g. when you use your phone and click on a clickable phone number it opens up and automatically enters the number into your phones keypad ready to dial. I would like to achieve this for both numbers and email addresses.

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Hi Jess, as it happens we have just added Mailto Link as a new item on our AppShare. This is a genius little piece of Code Studio created by Ali Bandali of our Core Team, that allows you to display a clickable email address that will open a new Outlook eMail for you.

It is also configurable so you can pre-populate either the Subject line and/or the Body text with data based on field values within your solution. I highly recommend it and am using it myself. It was something Ali created for me last week in response to a requirement I had in one of our internal Apps.

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In addition to this Email presenter, it would be very simple to create a custom presenter to turn phone numbers into clickable links to work on webpages.

Simple construct to make your phone number clickable would be as follows:

<a href=“tel:07777777777”>Your link text</a>


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Make it simpler, just thrown this together. Create a new presenter in code studio and use the following code:


/* Main server-side presenter code */
return {
	get_template_data: function() {
		return {

	get_settings: function() {
		return {

	// Used to validate input value before and after form submission
	// validate: function(value) { return false; }


<a :href="'tel:' + phone_number">{{ phone_number }}</a>

Publish and associate to your phone number display and it should now be clickable.


Great suggestion @carl.robinson :slight_smile:
I’ll update the Mailto presenter so that it can dynamically identify phone numbers and produce the appropriate tel link.

@mark.pearson i’ll be in touch with an update :slight_smile:

Hi @mark.pearson @carl.robinson

Thanks for getting back to me. These look very helpful, I’ll take a look at them.


Glad we could offer you a few options Jess. Thank you to Ali and Carl for their input. I’m loving the enthusiastic contributions on this matter. Thank you everyone! MP