Client Assertion Based Token Generation

We have a requirement to call new APIs being developed for another system. We are wondering if the Liberty Create API connections setup can be configured to support Client Assertion Based Token Generation?

As such, we would be very interested in any advice / experience in respect of that.

Good Morning Lloyd, thank you for your enquiry. I will try to speak with one of our Senior Devs today and try and get an answer for you. If you have any more information regarding the specifics of what you are trying to achieve please send me a direct message and I will relay that information when discussing.

Best Regards - Mark Pearson
AppShare Manager

Hi Lloyd, I spoke with one of our Senior Devs and his opinion was that In principle it should be possible, but there isn’t enough detail to know for sure. It may involve using Code Studio to generate the token, so depends on the specific technology and requirements of that.

If you need to move forward with this we could potentially arrange a Teams call of direct contact via telephone or email if you need help resolving this issue! Alternatively, if you prefer to post more details here we will respond accordingly.

Best Regards - Mark Pearson
AppShare Manager

Thank you Mark, much appreciated. I have dropped you a line on email. Hopefully you have received it. Be great to set up a Teams call which would allow our architect to provide the specifics.

Hi Lloyd, no, not received it. Could you please check the address you sent to

Thanks - Mark

Hi Lloyd, still not received your email. We’d like to schedule your call for around 11am on Monday morning but need your email addresses in order to invite you both.

Regards, Mark Pearson - AppShare Manager

Hi Mark,

11 would be great. Can you send to

many thanks


Teams invite sent to you both Lloyd. Speak on Monday. MP