Commas in values being treated as decimals

Hi Liberty gurus,

We have a list with an award value which has a sum total aggregate.

The aggregate treats the commas in the values as a decimal so the sum shows incorrectly.

The data type for this field is single line of text.

Does this work this way for a reason or is it an issue?

You would need to use a numeric data type for your award values for the sum to work as expected. In this case the text values are being parsed to try and find a valid numeric value, and as such it will accept everything up to the comma, hence 1,923 becomes just 1.

You could also try creating a composite of the award value that removes the commas, and use that in your list instead. That might also solve the sum issue, but I haven’t tried it myself.

Thanks Bob, I added a field processor to remove commas.