Conditional text in a bulleted list on a template

Hi all,
I am trying to add a conditional subset onto some text in a bulleted list on a template, however anyway I try to add the conditional it will take out the text but leave in the bullet point formatting even when blank, is there a way to remove the bullet point too?
Any ideas are appreciated!

Hey Josh,

If open the condition at the end of the previous bullet points text instead of the start of the one you want the conditional on, this should solve your issue. The end of your conditional should be correct where it is there.

With the opening of the conditional where it is now it does not eliminate the list tag which is why a bullet is still rendering on the template.

Hope this helped.


Hi @Daniel.Beasley
Sorry the screenshot provided was pretty misleading, I already tried this and it still includes the bullet point! also tried with a variable and it turns the bulletpoint white…
Any other ideas? again much appreciated!

Apologies Josh,

I could’ve sworn that I tested this and it worked!

I do have another solution for you, if you hop into the “Source” on the template (I suggest duplicating the template just incase it breaks) and identify the opening and closing of the list tags. You can then wrap them in the conditional which will look something similar to mine below (The conditional will have an open and close).

		TEST 1
		TEST 2
		TEST 3

This works for me although it does treat the conditional as a list element even though it renders fine on the front end.

The less hacky fix would be to do the same thing but create 3 unordered lists for each element and do the same thing as above with the conditional but wrap the the conditional over the <ul> and </ul>.

I would suggest submitting a support ticket to Netcall just to see what they say about this, as we have found out, I dont think there is support for this currently.

These were my outputs for both:


Let me know how you get on,