Conditionally send emails based on form fileds

I have a form where the user selects a “Team leader” from a “choice” field.
I then want to send an email to that team leader.
I have found a way to do it, but it seems inefficient and I feel there must be a better way.
I have created fixed email recipients for each team leader.
I have created the email and made a copy for each one, with them as the recipient.
I have created a subset that checks if that specific person has been selected.
Then I made a rule to send the message if the subset is true.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Mark,

Assuming these “team leaders” are not/not going to be users of the system?
A better way here if they are not users, is to create an object to store these team leaders in as record data, and instead of a choice field you use a relation selector. The recipient for the email is then that related object and you can use a name/email field to choose from/be addressed to respectively in the same way you would email users/customer records in an application.
The advantage here is it can scale infinitely and be maintained and updated without build intervention.

Hope this makes sense.


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Thanks Carl. I will have a look at this. So far, I have not created record data or used this approach. I will have a go.

Are you able to point me to the documentation for this? Do you mean “Special Records” or a normal object?

Hi Mark,

Just a normal General object which holds your “Team Leads” assuming they are not already going to be users of the system. Your object for your form would have a Many to one relationship to this team leads object then your choice on your form replaced with a relation selector here.
These can then be normal related recipients on your email instead of subsets and fixed recipients.

If they are already/going to be users of the system then perhaps a relationship to your users object and subset your users to the role or other property identifying them as a team leader.


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Hi Carl,

Thanks for your help. I am still not sure how to set up the object with the “Team Leads” in it. We don’t need the form filler to enter the email addresses, so I am not sure what sort of object to create.

This screenshot shows what I have been asked to build. The email need to be sent to the relevant “Senior”.

I thought of using a “Choice” field, but I don’t think I can use that in the “recipient” section.