Connecting Power BI to Liberty Create

We are trying to connect Power BI to Liberty Create but are not getting anywhere with it. We have set up OBDC views and have been using the connection details to connect through a mySQL connector in BI but keep getting errors saying it can’t connect to the database.

Has anyone successfully connected Power BI to Liberty Create to reporting that could give us some advice on how to set it up?

Hi Paul

When entering your Liberty Create app hostname via the ODBC connector window in BI make sure you have :16033 at the end which will define the MySQL port to be used, the default would be 3306 which is not available.


Let me know if you have any more issues.


We have ours hooked up to Power BI, but we do it using API endpoint point and functions to return the data. I think that it goes into our datalake first, and then transformed a bit before ending in Power BI, but I guess power BI could be set up to query an API end point directly

Thanks again for you time on Thursday Liam to help us get this sorted.

Thanks Kevin, we managed to get it connected using the ODBC Database with Liam’s help.