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We have a large amount of Directory entries that transfer to a dialogue and contain lots of additional Caller Phrases - these are added using the Departments template. We also have a lot of service directory entries that do not link to a dialogue. All of these entries are key to our Contact Portal working successfully.
I want to review the ‘service’ Directory entries and Caller Phrases and have tried to Export all directory entries with a Departments template, however the export only provides directory entries that are not linked to a Dialogue. Please see an example below of a Directory entry linked to a dialogue which is not being exported.

Is this a known fault or is there another way of obtaining this information?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ross, indeed it seems the export function does not include Dialogue details, this is because it cannot be imported (so it would not make sense to add this to the export). But of course it is something that would be really really good to have.

I would say this is something that needs to be added, I would say it is an Idea (so please add it) but also please raise with support in case it is a “feature” that was missing for some reason and could then be raised as a defect.

Many thanks.


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Will do, thanks Jonathan!